10 Books That Will Give You Ultimate Power

March 9, 2013

10 Books That Will Give You Ultimate Power


Knowledge is Power. And these ten books will give you the expertise to gain ultimate power in all situations from manipulating the job interview to picking up girls in a bar.

The authors are experts in their field of psychology, social influence, NLP and manipulation, some techniques verge of the dark side of persuasion but if your looking to learn how to always get your own way, these ten books will teach what others only desire to know, but are to afraid to find out!!! WARNING the techniques should be used for GOOD not EVIL – the power is now in your hands 

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Book 1. The 73 Rules for Influencing the Interview Using Psychology  NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion techniques 

If you desire the power to pass any job interview, gaining careers that can double your salary then the 73 rules will teach how to manipulate and persuade the interviewer using some really sneaky tricks and techniques, from NLP to Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques. People who have read this book have now doubled their yearly salary using the techniques to influence promotional job interviews, some techniques verge on evil so be wary because the darker the technique the more powerful they are

Book 2. The Game 

A great and funny book uncovering the secrets from the secret society of pick up artist, learn how long-term loners with no chances of gaining a date, use the Game techniques to manipulate girls into bed.The techniques are so powerful that the thousands of people are using them across the world, which means the manipulation techniques work on anyone

Book 3. 48 Laws of Power

The 48 Laws of power has took what the best of history has to offer and broken down how others such as Kings and Army Generals have gained power. Over 3000 years of history go into this unbelievable book teaching you how to have power in any situation. Even more impresssive are all the footnotes that add even more power techniques to your repertoire

Book 4. How to Get Anyone To do Anything

Easy to read and broken down into steps, this book uncovers how easy it is to get anyone to do anything you want them to. Imagine what power you could wield knowing how with simple techniques you can get angry people to love you, to be seen as pure gold or to be loved by everyone. This books gives away loads of amazing techniques that are easy to put into practice

Book 5. Self Working Mental Magic

Derren Brown eat your heart out. Learn how use mental magic to wow your audience, gain a reputation as a mind reader, a mentalist and use the amazing and not often shared techniques  to get people to eat out of your hand, at it’s best people will be blown away by your gift

Book 6. Influence – the Psychology of Persuasion 

One of the most well known books on influence, this book explains why people act in certain ways, this well researched book gives real examples and breaks down experiments to uncover how people are influenced. all persuasion and manipulation quote this powerful resource

Book 7. Derren Brown Tricks of the Mind

In this brilliant book Derren Brown reveals some of the techniques he uses in his TV and Stage shows, teaching you how to influence peoples choices. This book is worth a second read as their are many tricks that people miss, from some simple magic tricks that will amaze your friends to the memory peg technique that Derren apparently used to pass his Law degree

Book 8. The Truth About Lying

To manipulate and persuade others you first need to be able to read people to know who is telling the truth and who is lying, this easy to read books covers all the secrets to spot lyres, but once you know how people give away their lye’s you can use this knowledge to discuss yours.

Book 9. Emotions Revealed

Don’t let the title put you off this book is one for anyone serious about influence and persuasion  as the key to manipulating anyone is being able to read people. The science in this book is brilliant teaching the reader how to read micro expressions, with a bit of practice you will be able to understanding how the person you are persuading is feeling internally, a key skill for any manipulator 

Book 10. Brainwash 

Learn the history of brainwashing, this book has received excellent review find out for yourself how to brainwash the incident. Armed with this knowledge you can get anyone to dance to your tune.